Monday, March 28, 2011

The Power Of One

Well we had an interesting week!! We finally found a new investigator. Her name is Lindsey!! She went to the temple and was interested so she wanted to learn more!! We stopped by and she told us that we could come right in and teach her! We shared with her the part of the restoration and set up a return appointment to teach the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She is an extremely kind and extremely open-minded, so this will be an interesting process of teaching her, I think it's going to go very well!!!

Remember how last week I told you we came up with the power of one? President Dalton liked it so much he sent it to every zone in the mission and told them to apply it into their wards and areas. We have had a few calls from random missionaries telling us how cool it is. Ha, that was awesome to hear, cuz we spent so much time on it!! Our own Bishop in Ward Council talked about applying it into his ward. The basic gist, is having every member write down three names of people they want to work on this year. We collect those sheets and follow up throughout the year.

In sacrament meeting, since it was fast Sunday, bishop got up and bore his testimony on the power of member missionary work. It was awesome!! I followed shortly and talked about how their friends will only listen to them. I shared my experience of when I was back home during December and sharing the gospel with other friends. We got five referrals yesterday and the ward is pumped to do missionary work now. We are super stoked to see the outcome of this, cuz if every member in Kaneohe 3 (every active) invites one person, we'd baptize over 100 people in that ward alone. Solid!!We are going to the Laie temple on Thursday morning!! We are so stoked to go!! I miss the temple Soooo much. I miss going once a week and just being in the house of the Lord. I've been looking forward to this for the past 16 months!!!

I'm also stoked about General Conference this week!! I love sitting and listening to the words of our Prophet and Apostles and Seventies. They truly are inspired and have the counsel that we need to hear in this very day and time. I'm excited for Elder Holland's talk and what he will speak on!! I encourage all of you to go into conference with a question and I promise you will find it in one of those talks!!We also have transfer calls coming up Sunday!! This transfer is nearly over, and it's crazy. I only have six more transfers left and they get quicker every time. I have a feeling I'm either leaving or Elder Infanger is. We'll find out in a week!!! But it's been a fun, exhausting week, and time for more!!

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