Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transferred From The Blue Centipede Motel!

Elder Travis was transferred this week. He'll still be on Oahu but we don't know where until next Monday when he can email again. I'm so happy that he will be leaving his apartment that has come to be known by his family as The Blue Centipede Motel bz of all the blue centipedes they found in there! Hopefully the new apartment will be blue centipede free, lol!
I've had a comment left asking for Elder Travis' new address. I can't respond to this comment directly bz this person doesn't have a blog so I'm putting the address here. Elder Travis' address remains the same throughout his entire mission, no matter where he's transferred to.

His address is:
Hawaii Honolulu Mission
1500 S Beretania Street, Suite 416
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

For his security I'm not putting his full name on this public blog but those of you who know him know how to address the letter. He loves letters so I hope this helps the person who commented and also inspires others to write him!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Much Aloha

This has been a time of saying goodbye for Elder Travis. He said goodbye to President and Sister Peterson as their mission was now completed.
He said it was an emotional time and so hard to say goodbye....
as he had really grown to love both of them.
It was also a time of saying hello to President Dalton who will be his new mission president. He also said hello (or aloha) to Sister Dalton who is President Dalton's wife. They will serve for the rest of Elder Travis' mission so he'll have a chance to get to know them really well.