Monday, September 26, 2011

Alooooha!!!We had a better week from the past few weeks!!!

We had a baptism for Chris yesterday!! I was surprised we were able to pull it off!!!! Chris asked me to baptize him, so it was my honor to baptize him. It was a special day for their family. They weren't coming to church, and now they are coming and Chris is very excited about church and everything now. It's been a true miracle :)

I also have very very good news about Hilton!!!! His wife came to church last week, and decided that the Mormon church isn't a "crazy cult" and has given him permission to get baptized. It will be on October 9. I'm excited to be able to attend and see this wonderful event take place!!
On that note as well, Lana, someone I taught while in Kalaheo, was baptized yesterday as well!! She has been taught for about 3 years and finally decided to just get baptized and knew that it was right. I wanted to attend her baptism, but I couldn't because of Chris', which is ok too.

On other notes, we weren't able to meet with Melissa. Hopefully this week we can sit down with her and have a good chat with her.

Michelle was super busy at work, so we weren't able to meet with her either. But the big events at work are over after today, so we should meet with her and get things going for her again!! We're still excited for her and to see the direction we can get going with her!!!

We had a cool little miracle happen as well!! A little keiki came to church last week, Kainoa. He's not a member, he just rode his bike by on Sunday and decided to check it out!! He knew a few kids at church, and we met with him on Thursday. We had him take us to his parents home and we met them. They were super friendly and don't seem to really have an issue with him coming to church or even to get baptized. They are even interested themselves in learning. So we have a good potential for a miracle with a family!! We're praying and hoping something awesome can happen with them!!! We'll find out how that goes.

I'm very excited for General Conference this weekend. It's such a wonderful opportunity to hear our Prophet and Apostles speak to the whole world. They speak God's will and help us know what we need to do to prepare ourselves to meet God!! I promise all of you who read this, that if you have a question you want answered, and you watch conference, it WILL be answered directly. I've had it happen every time!!! You just have to be willing to watch it!!!

Love you all and hope to hear from you!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transfer Week


How are you all doing?!! I'm fine and dandy in this beautiful Kaua'i island!!! We just had transfers pop up on us. I was very very surprised to hear the news. I wasn't expecting to have this happen!! All week, I've been trying to figure out if I'd go or stay, I've prayed to try to accept Father's will if it's something different than mine. Well, luckily this time, it was the same as mine. I will be staying in Lihue Kaua'i for another 6 weeks, serving with Elder Coffin. It's a strange feeling because I've never served with a companion for three transfers, and never been in an area for four transfers. So it will be different than usual, but that's ok :) We're seeing success!!!As far as our week goes!! We are seeing some amazing things happen. Chris, who we've been working with for a while, walked up to us in church and asked if he could be baptized this next Sunday!! We of course said yes, and so we should have a baptism this Sunday if all goes well :). Hilton's wife was also able to go to church in Kalaheo and seemed to have liked it. So it's a possibility that he could be baptized sometime soon!!! It's awesome! There is also another lady I worked with in Kalaheo, Lana, that is getting baptized soon!! I'm excited, I'll make sure to be there for that one :)
On our end in Lihue, Michelle is doing good. She had to work all week, so we were unable to meet with her, but we should meet with her this week. I'm excited to teach her again and she's a wonderful daughter of God.

Melissa is in a tough situation. She's in a not so good situation at home, so we are working with her to help her and hopefully see her baptized. She wants to go to California in a few weeks, and I'm determined to, with her choice, to see her be baptized before she leaves. She's been a big miracle of my mission, and that would be so amazing. If she doesn't than that's ok too, the missionaries in California can harvest that part of the vineyard. We'll see how it turns out!!
Elder Tiakia is leaving to go back to O'ahu!! He did very well this transfer and I'm proud of him. I've grown to love him and love his culture. I hope the best for him and I know he will be a great missionary if he stays on track!!

Elder Coffin is a goofball, but I sure love the kid. We've had fun together, we've seen hard times but also miracles, and we will continue to!!!

Elder Parker is leaving Kaneohe zone, and he's always been a close friend of mine. So Grandma Martinson, if you can shout out to him that I love him and he's the best Elder!!!

Other than that, I'm so glad to stay in Kaua'i. When I first left Kaneohe, I simply did NOT want to go. I loved that ward, so many wonderful families, and it was difficult to separate myself from them. When I first came to Lihue, I was a little turned off cuz I didn't want to get close to anyone and be separated again, but that was bound to happen. I love this ward just like Kaneohe, and it's full of wonderful people!! We'll see what can happen over the next 6 weeks, and ya never know...maybe I'll finish my mission in Kaua'i where I began it :)

Love ya'll!!! Write me sometime soon!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rollercoaster Week


We had a somewhat roller coaster week this week!! I don't know what to think of our week!!
On Monday, we got a call from Michelle and she told us she wasn't interested anymore and didn't want to be baptized. It set a rain cloud over our whole week. We were discouraged, but didn't lose faith. We were wondering what could have happened, what could have made such an amazing daughter of God, drop like that. Well....Sunday morning she called us and told us that she was coming to church and wanted to talk to us!! So we did after sacrament, and her and I had a very good chat. She expressed she was ashamed to tell us she couldn't stop smoking and was attacked by her co workers and mom, and didn't have any answers to their questions. But she told me, and my heart rested, that she was committed and wanted to be baptized. She has to overcome smoking, and once she does, she is good to go!! She said she really had to review her self and make sure this was something she wanted to commit to. Now it is!!
Melissa's baptism date is set for Saturday. This could possibly fall though, we're not too sure. She has to move out, sounds like she's preparing too. We'll see what can happen. She knows she has to, and she wants to, so she is making steps to prepare for it. She knows God will take care of her. She is thinking of going to California and just leaving all together, and I told her she needs to be baptized before she does so she can have the gift of the Holy Ghost!! It'll be an interesting week this week, so we'll see!!! She's an awesome lady!!!

Other than that, it's been a busy week. We kept busy and are working as hard as we possibly can. We need to find more people to teach, so we're going to make it a big focus this week, and work with our members to make it happen. We'll see the results that can come from it huh!?
All in all, it's been a good week. We have transfers this next week, so next time I'm on I'll have the results from that. We'll see how it goes and maybe we can see a miracle happen and I'll stay in Lihue. I think I've bugged President and Elder Garritson enough with that haha.

I love ya guys and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Signs of Kauai

While on a hike on P-day Travis found this sign.
You'd think after the first set of five, people would have heeded this warning. This is the area where the sign sits. It's so beautiful and looks so peaceful that I'm sure that's why people attempted to go there and ended up as a mark on the board when they didn't make it. Isn't that how Satan reels us into sin? Sometimes he makes sin look so beautiful and inviting and you think there's no harm in going there."U turn for Christ" sign that he saw along the highway.I hope you can read this bumper sticker, if not it says "Try Wait."They do have unique bumper stickers.This made me smile and I thought of the "greenies" who are new to the mission field.
Sadly, this could be my bumper sticker too!