Monday, September 26, 2011

Alooooha!!!We had a better week from the past few weeks!!!

We had a baptism for Chris yesterday!! I was surprised we were able to pull it off!!!! Chris asked me to baptize him, so it was my honor to baptize him. It was a special day for their family. They weren't coming to church, and now they are coming and Chris is very excited about church and everything now. It's been a true miracle :)

I also have very very good news about Hilton!!!! His wife came to church last week, and decided that the Mormon church isn't a "crazy cult" and has given him permission to get baptized. It will be on October 9. I'm excited to be able to attend and see this wonderful event take place!!
On that note as well, Lana, someone I taught while in Kalaheo, was baptized yesterday as well!! She has been taught for about 3 years and finally decided to just get baptized and knew that it was right. I wanted to attend her baptism, but I couldn't because of Chris', which is ok too.

On other notes, we weren't able to meet with Melissa. Hopefully this week we can sit down with her and have a good chat with her.

Michelle was super busy at work, so we weren't able to meet with her either. But the big events at work are over after today, so we should meet with her and get things going for her again!! We're still excited for her and to see the direction we can get going with her!!!

We had a cool little miracle happen as well!! A little keiki came to church last week, Kainoa. He's not a member, he just rode his bike by on Sunday and decided to check it out!! He knew a few kids at church, and we met with him on Thursday. We had him take us to his parents home and we met them. They were super friendly and don't seem to really have an issue with him coming to church or even to get baptized. They are even interested themselves in learning. So we have a good potential for a miracle with a family!! We're praying and hoping something awesome can happen with them!!! We'll find out how that goes.

I'm very excited for General Conference this weekend. It's such a wonderful opportunity to hear our Prophet and Apostles speak to the whole world. They speak God's will and help us know what we need to do to prepare ourselves to meet God!! I promise all of you who read this, that if you have a question you want answered, and you watch conference, it WILL be answered directly. I've had it happen every time!!! You just have to be willing to watch it!!!

Love you all and hope to hear from you!!!


  1. I think the biggest miracle of all is Hilton's wife's change of heart. Oh my, how you've prayed for him over the almost two years of your mission. What an honor for you to be able to baptize him, and truly humbling.

  2. just saw you over at jessica's blog...she is a lnog time rms friend..i admire your posts about hawaii and everything you mother is planning a move to hawaii soon this is very intersting to me..thanks for sharing..