Monday, November 22, 2010

Cultural Celebration and Laie Temple Dedication


So this week I had shorter time on the letter to the family so this will be a little better than the letter you get this week!! I sent my memory card home too haha. So be ready for that.

Anyways, so Saturday Elder Pieper of the Seventy came to talk to us. He was with us from 8 to noon or one. He interviewed Elder Garritson. That was way awesome haha, I was excited for him. But he just educated us and taught us how to receive revelation or answers to questions we have. He's really intelligent and knows what he's doing obviously! haha.
Later that night we had the cultural celebration. President Monson gave a talk at first (it was broadcast at the tab!) and he is so funny!! He is hilarious. He's comedy. I recorded that talk, he was funny! haha. But the celebration was awesome, interesting, but awesome.Then Sunday was the dedication of the Laie Hawaii temple. It was so spiritual. It was the first dedication I could remember. It was awesome though. President Thomas S. Monson, President Henry B. Eyring, and Elder Quintin L. Cook of the Twelve came to dedicate it. Emotions were running high with members that day. The feelings were strong as the house of the Lord was dedicated and ready for use again. We could all feel that the Lord approved of His house and was ready to receive the work for the dead.But that was it, we couldn't teach S*** this week so it was rougher week, not much work going on in Kahala, but we're working hard!!

Also my thought for the week: I was reading a book called "Truth Restored". Wow. That was a good book! I read it in two days cuz it caught my interest so much. I loved the stories it shared on pioneers. I seem to always forget the sacrifice they make. It's so touching to think of the love they have for God and the gospel, and how dedicated they were to it. They never turned back. They came to a desert in Utah and made the prophesy of Joseph Smith fulfilled!

Anyways, I love all of you and can't wait to hear from you!! Aloha!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teaching By The Spirit


Wow what the week we had. I did service in Pearl Harbor again, which I told you about in a letter. That was pretty awesome!! We had a lot of fun doing that!!
We found a new solid person to teach. Her name is S***. Her friend, Tamara, who is a recent convert and was baptized in May, called us up (I was with Elder Jaramillo on exchanges) and she told us to come over quickly cuz her friend was asking questions and she was about to leave. So we booked it over to her house and went in with complete faith. We could tell her friend did not want to meet with us. It made it awkward. But we applied the trainings we had on those new fundamental principles and it changed the whole attitude of the lesson. We committed he to baptism without a set date. She didn't seem too sure, but she accepted. We than got into the restoration after talking about Christ on the earth, and as we talked about the first vision, the spirit just filled the room. It was so strong in their, and she started to cry. She couldn't describe how she felt, and Tamara helped her to was the Holy Ghost. We set a date for baptism with her and she knew she had to be baptized than. She is set for the 25 of December (yes Christmas haha). She was so prepared, but I know these new trainings are so important and are inspired of the Lord. It opened that lesson right up. It was the best lesson I've ever taught as a missionary, and it was so awesome. It helped her open up to us even though she didn't want to meet with us at first, and now she wants to be baptized. Did she do a 180? Yes! haha
Anyways, the rest is in a letter so I won't ruin that for you :)
Love you and write me letters!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Training And Investigators

We saw great miracles this week. We had a huge training in Kalihi which is past Honolulu for 3 days from 8-3 which was good. it was helpful and I really learned a lot!!!
But on the other hand, there is a former investigator taught a while ago, H***, and her 10 year old A***, who we haven't been able to get a hold of for months!! I called her on Friday and we were able to finally make contact!! We ended up inviting her to the temple and did service for her on Saturday morning. We are going back this week to help her out!! So I hope we can get back to her.
We also were going to dinner one night (by ourselves) when I passed by a guy I remember tracting into. I felt like we should stop and see him but I didn't want to. But than I saw him outside and decided to pull over. We talked to him and he remembered us. It was cool to talk to him, and he actually fed us dinner last night. He is such a nice guy, and is kinda lonely. It was nice to talk and teach him a bit about the church!!

We got a referral from the temple open house today, we will see them sometime this week!!!

I also found out that C*** and C*** A***in Kalaheo were baptized!!! Officially, so that was really awesome to hear about!!!

Sean emailed me too and wants to go to lunch, so I will go with him this week as well!!!

Also on Wednesday, we will be going back to Pearl Harbor to do service. I'm pretty excited about it!! Hopefully we can do more of a tour this time, but we'll see!!!

Anyway, today is the 11 month mark to when I was set apart as a missionary. In a month, it'll be a year. That is pretty weird. It's been so fast, and hard to really fathom it all. Crazy.

Anyway this was a miracle week and I'm sure we'll keep seeing more as we work hard and are diligent!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

MTC Flashback

Note: This is being posted by Elder Travis' mother.
With all the news coverage in Utah about the upcoming trial of Brian David Mitchell and his abduction of Elizabeth Smart from her home I decided to mention an experience that Elder Travis had in the MTC.

He was sitting down at lunch and/or dinner talking to a very sweet Sister Missionary when he happened to glance down at her name tag and it said "Sister Smart." He didn't even realize that he'd been talking to Elizabeth Smart since she had cut her hair and grown into a very poised beautiful young woman. All he knew was that he was talking to a Sister Missionary who had been called to serve in France. I posted the picture above first bz it makes me smile to think of the great, and I'm sure, indescribable joy her family felt when she was found alive and returned to their arms again. What a miracle and beautiful tender mercy from the Lord this family received. I'm sure all of heaven rejoiced with them that day.This picture above is more of how Elizabeth looked in December of 2009 as she was in the MTC preparing to leave on an LDS mission for 18 months. It's unfortunate that she has to return from her mission to testify in his trial but I admire her courage for doing so and I know Travis does too.