Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oahu Update

This week was good, kinda. I've been sick the past few days so the work wasn't..really work..more rest. I was prescribed Penicillin from the doctor and it made me feel a little sick so I called up the office nurse to see if I could take Motrin with it...she called up the doctor..then me...and I got 3 meds on top of it. So I took those, and it made me miserable. Didn't help with the cough either so I might be going back to see the doctor. It's..tough to say!! haha but, however, on top of a bad physical week..we had a really good week of teaching.

We taught ***, a new Tongan investigator who has some real interest in the lessons, so we are working with him :) We did a zone car wash Saturday and met ***, a guy on the marine base who is determined to come to church Sunday and learn about us. We got his info and are pursuing him :). We have a few others that we need to get in contact with through members and hopefully teach them.

Elder Standiford and I have really noticed a change in this area the past two months. We've found lots to teach, and we are seeing some success. We might not have a baptism for him before he goes home in a few weeks, but it's not about that. We are working hard!

Here's an interesting Hawaiian fact...if someone doesn't want something, whether it be an AC unit..fridge..TV..anything..they put it on the sidewalk for people to take/dump. We almost took an AC unit.
We had Stake conference yesterday where Spencer J. Condie of the Seventy spoke to us, which was really interesting!! He's hilarious for an old timer, and gave a really good talk!! President Peterson spoke to us as well..I will miss him!! It makes me so sad to see them go, but President Dalton will be good I'm sure. He actually led Prop 8 so I can tell he will be a good bold mission president full of love! I look forward to him, but will deeply miss President Peterson.
Yes, our pad was one of those cruddy ones. It's good, but bad. haha we recruit geckos to live here to take care of roaches, it gets really hot! But oh well, it was nice to have President come to our Pad. (yes home haha) I will truly deeply miss that man.

Love you all!! Write to me :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

The following post is being done by Elder Travis' mom to document his first family phone call home and his first birthday in the mission field.

The phones were lined up waiting for your call to come. I didn't want to chance a battery running out. I even had a cheat sheet of questions but I really didn't have to use it. Two pens available to jot notes on the paper.
We had to strain a little to hear but the speaker phone worked best. It made me smile when you talked to Jill and you said, "hi, stinky" and she responded with "hi, fatty!" It felt like you were right in the room with us!

We each tried to take turns talking to you individually and even Savannah said "Tav" for you but I don't think you could really hear her well.
Your sisters certainly enjoyed the call. They miss you so. We were glad Nicholas thought of the idea to call Brandon on the cell phone and put it up to our phone so you could talk to him for a minute. For some reason the army wouldn't let him come home from drill to talk to you, lol!
Dad took care of Bailee and we both couldn't help but think about you when you were this size and that this is the first birthday you've been away from us.....ever.
I hope it was a happy birthday for you. I know it was the best Mother's Day I've had in a really long time. I love you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hawaii Honolulu Mission Motto

The following is the mission motto taken from a devotional talk by President and Sister Peterson at BYU Hawaii. Elder Travis wanted me to share it with you on this blog.
"In the Hawaii Honolulu Mission we have a wonderful mission motto and it goes like this: We are grateful to be in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission--the Aloha Mission. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is our message, love of God and others is our motivation, and obedience to the commandments and mission rules is our strength. By sharing the gospel with others, we can give them the "ha" - the breath of life, even eternal life. Aloha."