Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

The following post is being done by Elder Travis' mom to document his first family phone call home and his first birthday in the mission field.

The phones were lined up waiting for your call to come. I didn't want to chance a battery running out. I even had a cheat sheet of questions but I really didn't have to use it. Two pens available to jot notes on the paper.
We had to strain a little to hear but the speaker phone worked best. It made me smile when you talked to Jill and you said, "hi, stinky" and she responded with "hi, fatty!" It felt like you were right in the room with us!

We each tried to take turns talking to you individually and even Savannah said "Tav" for you but I don't think you could really hear her well.
Your sisters certainly enjoyed the call. They miss you so. We were glad Nicholas thought of the idea to call Brandon on the cell phone and put it up to our phone so you could talk to him for a minute. For some reason the army wouldn't let him come home from drill to talk to you, lol!
Dad took care of Bailee and we both couldn't help but think about you when you were this size and that this is the first birthday you've been away from us.....ever.
I hope it was a happy birthday for you. I know it was the best Mother's Day I've had in a really long time. I love you.


  1. Dad was hoping that you couldn't tell he was crying when he talked to you. He loves you so much...we both do. You always say you're trying to be the missionary I think you are but I KNOW after talking to you that you already are a valiant servant of the Lord. Love you. Can't wait to talk to you in seven months! Mom

  2. i love you travie. you are the best.