Friday, September 9, 2011

Signs of Kauai

While on a hike on P-day Travis found this sign.
You'd think after the first set of five, people would have heeded this warning. This is the area where the sign sits. It's so beautiful and looks so peaceful that I'm sure that's why people attempted to go there and ended up as a mark on the board when they didn't make it. Isn't that how Satan reels us into sin? Sometimes he makes sin look so beautiful and inviting and you think there's no harm in going there."U turn for Christ" sign that he saw along the highway.I hope you can read this bumper sticker, if not it says "Try Wait."They do have unique bumper stickers.This made me smile and I thought of the "greenies" who are new to the mission field.
Sadly, this could be my bumper sticker too!

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  1. That sign for the beach just intrigues me. These signs have been fun to look at too. :)