Monday, March 21, 2011

Member Missionaries

The above picture is Elder Travis with Brother and Sister Freeman who work in the mission office. Sister Freeman was a wonderful help and emotional support to me when Travis was so sick and especially during his treatment for the blue centipede bite. She told me that she didn't want me to hear about it in an email or letter and have to wait a week to hear how he was doing! God bless her sweet soul for that!
Elder Travis' Mom


Well, we had quite the interesting week. It was....interesting haha. We had a stake meeting we had to be to on Thursday, so we spent a lot of time getting those reports ready and a training ready!! Which brings about an interesting thought. President Dalton has decided to focus on the members this year. He has one important phrase...the power of one. One Referral. In Kaneohe, we talk to 26,000 people a year and introduce them to the gospel. Last year we baptized 4 people this way. Through the members, Kaneohe had 67 baptisms last year. Quite the difference. If every ACTIVE member in the state of Hawaii referred just ONE friend to the missionaries this year, Hawaii would baptize FIVE new stakes. Think of that for a second, that would require a new temple (on Maui this time), that would require probably a new mission in Hawaii, that would require more missionaries, that would require more leadership. All because of one referral from each individual member. Pretty amazing right? So me and my companion worked on a program to implement this into the zone in Kaneohe and we discussed it in Bishop's Council and hope to get it going before the month is over. It gives us missionaries names from members on who we can follow up with our members on and try and teach at least one of three names of people they want to work with this year. It's going to be sweet if they actually do it!! I must say, that was a day we received revelation, truly!

It was a long stressful week, but looks like a better week is coming!! We have good potential for this week and we'll see what we can do!!!

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  1. Trav, I love you and am so amazed at how strong you're getting spiritually and emotionally in the mission field. You're growing by leaps and bounds in spiritual stature. I learn so much from you and your testimony! Bolyoke my boi!