Monday, March 14, 2011

Elder Travis' Tsunami Details

Note from Elder Travis' mom: The picture above is not of the 2011 tsunami that hit Hawaii after an earthquake in Japan but another tsunami. I couldn't find a current picture.

Well, my second tsunami.... As you know, not too much happened in Hawaii compared to Japan, but we had a little stir! I was in a coordination meeting when our Elders Quorum president told
us Japan was hit hard with an earthquake. Two seconds later he said Hawaii was on a watch for a tsunami. Thirty minutes later, the AP's called us telling us to evacuate and the tsunami was going to hit at 3 am. We went to the church as a zone and played basketball and had no communication with the outside world. We didn't hear anything till later in the day about Japan or what happened off the coast of Kona on Big Island.

We were up till about 4 am and slept till noon, cuz all of us were worried about the tsunami in a way. We are in Kaneohe, and the bay that is here is a huge protection to tsunami's, but we were worried about the people in Japan, as well as our other missionaries. We were happy to hear not much happened here, except a house being taken into the ocean. No casualties in Hawaii, which is a true blessing again. It was a long night, but we lasted through it, and we are alive now. Hopefully no more happens from here on out!!

I bought a newspaper from the Honolulu's newspaper place, to scrapbook this memory. I sent it home today in a package, but the pictures of Japan are devastating. I'm glad to be a member of the church, and know we are some of the first on the scene!! We are truly a blessed people!!

Other than that, the work was kinda slow this week! Jagyr was ordained by his father as a deacon, and I ordained Ric to Priest yesterday. Both were very special experiences, and awesome to see how the Lord truly works!!!

Elder Travis' mom here: This was another email I received when I asked about the two Japanese Elders that he knew who were serving in Hawaii.
The Japanese Elders, Elder Katanuma, his family is in Utah, his grandma was in range of the tsunami though, so he called his family to see if they knew anything and they didn't and couldn't get a hold of his grandma. so that's....disheartening. The other Elder I know of, Elder Yamazaki, I'm not too sure. His family is all outside of Tokyo, and I'm not sure how hard Tokyo was hit. so I'm not sure. But ya we were very concerned for him when we heard.

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  1. I knew in my heart that you were okay and were on high ground but it certainly is a wonderful blessing to read it in your email. I love you and pray that God will continue to protect you and keep you in the hollow of his hand. :)