Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alooooha!!(Note from Elder Travis' mom: This picture was taken on Conference morning and was sent to me in an email by Travis' landlord. Thank you Dawn! This meant so much to me to receive a picture of him on the same day it was taken)!

Well, transfers are in!! I am being transferred to the beloved island of MAUI!! It's about time I go off island!! Ok...I lied. I'm staying in Kaneohe for another six weeks. This time, Elder Infanger is transferring. I will be staying and training a new Zone Leader, Elder Gerrard whom I have never met, so that will be very interesting!! Also, if you are interested, Elder Garritson was called as a zone leader in Makakilo, which is west side O'ahu (it gets SUPER hot there). But I am excited to see how this transfer will play out and how it goes!!

As far as the work, we had an awesome week!! First off, we found three new people to teach!! One girl, her name is Leslie, she is a friend of Ric's who was baptized in January, came to cottage meeting (a meeting where recent converts speak at President Dalton's home) and she was interested. So, we started teaching her. She is a super nice girl and I think the gospel has found her at exactly the right time in her life!! The lady we found last week, Lindsay, dropped us. She called us and told us she'll let us know if she has questions, but otherwise she was too busy for a while to meet. I think she found anti-material, but ya never know. She still was nice and open about it!!

We went to the temple, and that was a fun experience!! The Laie temple is beautiful!! I loved it!! I miss going so much, I wish we could go more often!!! They did a very good job at renovating the temple!! The Celestial room was small, but very beautiful!! Laie is a beautiful place as well. Almost makes me want to go to BYU-Hawaii for a semester. But I'm an Aggie :)

Conference was excellent as well!! I really enjoyed Elder Holland and Elder Andersen's talk!! Elder Samuelson of the Seventy gave a great talk as well!! That was really good to hear his words on the Atonement. Priesthood session was amazing!! I pulled the theme of temples, marriage, and obtaining a testimony! It was hilarious to hear President Monson say "Get married now!" I'll worry about that in 8 months. Otherwise, I'm good for now!!

But I also saw that the second Preach my Gospel DVD's were released. I would encourage all of you to pick up a copy and watch the first disc. This is what missionary work is like now, and it's crazy!! We really have to be in tune with the spirit, it's incredible!!

I also found out I had Staph infection!! There was a weird bump irritating me, and I finally went to see the doctor and soon found out it was Staph. Thank goodness it wasn't the "hard to cure" kind, so some cream is curing it, but that was weird to hear.

Anyways, great week, and awesome things happening!! Thanks for all your support and hope all is well!!

Aloha Nui Loa!!

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  1. Boy you look good and so does that brunch! You have such sweet people who are always taking good care of you and for that I'm eternally grateful. Definitely worry about President Monson's talk on marriage in say, 2-5 years but no sooner, lol!