Friday, April 22, 2011

Good News! They're Free!

We had an awesome week. Let me tell you of the miracle we saw!!We were having our interviews from our mission president when a lady walked in asking where she could buy a Book of Mormon. Our MP wife, Sister Dalton, told her she was in luck and they were free!! She offered to have the missionaries teach her if she had time and she was completely willing to!! She asked the Kahalu'u missionaries to, Elder Duck and Elder Rodriguez. After they taught her we found out she wanted to be baptized on May 14, and not only that, but she lives in our area!! So we will start teaching her on Thursday and help her progress towards baptism!! I love miracles like that!

We were also tracting and bumped into a young lady named Nicole!! She was interested in having us come back and said her RM friend talks to her all the time about the church!! That's on Thursday as well!!

Our other investigators, Jamie and Tiade are progressing really well!! They asked a lot of good questions and said they will do whatever the Lord asks of them, even if they have to be baptized Mormon. I hope they truly mean that, cuz than they will be baptized soon when they do receive that answer!!

We are seeing great miracles here in Kaneohe and continue to see more!! We have a very busy week this week and are going to be going and going!! As I come to the last 8 months of the mission I've developed the tendency to always have to work, work, work. I feel like I constantly have to do stuff and have to stay busy. I hope to carry that for the rest of my mission!!

Well, I love you guys and sorry it's short but I'm short on time!! Hope to hear from all of you soon!! Aloha!!

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  1. Keep up the hard work! It's paying off and I can't believe how much you're growing spiritually and emotionally these past few months. Love you!