Monday, April 25, 2011

"The Power of One" Continues To Grow


How are you all doing?! I am excellent!!!!

We had an excellent week. Joselyn, the lady who walked into the church looking for a Book of Mormon, came to church yesterday!! I taught her with Elder Rodriguez. She is super solid and is set to be baptized on the 14th. She is awesome!! Her fiancee so happens to be a member as well, so it makes our job A LOT easier. But she is looking forward to her baptism, and we are excited to see what can happen from that!!

We didn't have a chance to teach Jamie and Tiare, but we will this week. They got caught up in Easter services for the New Hope church, which is ok. We wanted them to come to the true church, but that's alright. Next week!! They are super nice though!!

It's not looking like Kiana's baptism will happen this week. Probably next if it does. Her father is a sticky situation, and we just have to take it slow and one day at a time ya know? We'll find out though, it'd be cool it it happened this week!! I'll let ya know next week.

We had stake correlation this week. This is our chance as Zone Leaders, to stand in front of the ward mission leaders, and the bishops, and stake president, and tell them what we need help with. It's very intimidating, and I know they are such busy men with so much on their plate. I feel bad putting more on it, but if the prophets #1 priority is missionary work, than it should be our's as well. It was crazy preparing for it. We are really trying to emphasize the Power of One. I found out recently that Elder Clayton is now enforcing this program and it's running in Laie. President Dalton and Elder Whiting, the area Seventy, is pushing it as well. It's kinda weird to think that Elder Infanger and I were the ones to come up with it, but we truly felt we received revelation. It was crazy, but it sure was good to hear that it's being used all in Hawaii.

I've been using the Mormon Messages DVD Mom sent me for dinner messages. I've seen the Elder Holland one on Easter quite a bit. It's so good and super powerful!! If you have a chance, watch it. It's so good.

But all in all, we have a big week ahead of us, and hopefully we will see more happen this week. We keep working hard, and hopefully we can continue to find those who are ready to receive the gospel!!

Thanks for all your support and HAPPY EASTER!!!

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  1. The work just keeps moving forth and I''m so happy that you're a part of it! Keep up the good work. :)