Monday, August 30, 2010

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was the attraction and news of the week. We serviced up the USS Missouri. Do you know how HUGE that ship is?? 300 yards long and TALL!!! Man oh man. It was so HUGE. But we helped set up for the 65th anniversary celebration for the end of WW 2! I took lots and lots of pictures. We toured the ship, which was awesome. But didn't tour the Arizona. I could see it, and see the top of the ship, but that was it. I got a picture of it. Next time maybe? I was surprised to hear President Dalton set it up, and we'll go every 8 weeks. President Peterson was against us going at anytime until the end of our mission. It was awesome though and very reverencing to know I was in the place of heroes and legends.

That story my mother sent me on Captain Bennion of the USS West Virginia is the cousin of President Eyring. (Elder Travis' mom here: The story is found in "Saints At War." He's the captain in the movie "Pearl Harbor" who is depicted with Cuba Gooding as he still ran his ship as he lay dying. It's a fascinating story.) We talked to the tour manager, he is setting up the tour for the First Presidency of the church. I'm so excited to see them when they come.

Next week when I email I'll have transfer results...yup that's right, 6 weeks is over this week and we'll know who goes and who stays. I'm interested to see this one cuz, anything could happen. Hawaii Kai, which we don’t do anything in, is getting missionaries to focus on that area this transfer. I kinda half think I might go into it....that'll be interesting. But we taught a lot this week and saw a lot of great things happen, and more to come. No real solid progressing yet, but things are moving :)

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  1. Travis: I'm so glad that life story on Captain Bennion helped it feel more real for you. I've heard that this is such a sacred place and that you just feel the spirit here so much. I'm sure it was an amazing experience. Gmpa has seen the USS Missouri up close when they were on another ship that went by it while the surrender papers were being signed in Japan. Amazing isn't it. This is why gpa was so thrilled to hear that you were cleaning the Missouri memorial. Love you.