Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"Our baptism went really well. It was super spiritual. The *** were very well prepared for it. It was hilarious cuz Bro. *** joked that he'd have to be baptized 3 times cuz of all of the things he's done...well guess what...he went under THREE times!! It was hilarious haha. But really good, the spirit was strong there!!!"
Elder Travis' mom - These are all pictures that were on Elder Travis' memory card he just sent home. Above - notice how steep that road is!
It seems everywhere you look you see the ocean in this new area!
I think this is a fun picture of them shouting for joy!

They hiked up Diamond Head on P Day and this is one of many stunning pictures he took. The work is certainly moving forward and Elder Travis is loving it.

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  1. What a joyful few weeks you've had in Oahu. I fear now that you'll never want to come home, lol! There is great joy in knowing that your testimony has grown and that you're working so hard to teach and be a successful missionary!