Monday, August 2, 2010

All Is Well

I'm in Kahala. In the Honolulu zone. Believe it or not I cover President Dalton's ward and a deaf group, the only deaf group on O'ahu. It's interesting but I love it here. It's the RICH part of O'ahu though so people think they are more well off....people think they have all they need. But we do have people we are teaching. It is awesome, cuz they are really progressing. 3 kids I taught in Kailua were baptized yesterday, so that was exciting to hear about. This area is great. We have three progressing to baptism.

It's beautiful here...ocean is amazing!

I'm with Elder Garritson from South Jordan Utah, he is 6 weeks out. (Note from Elder Travis' mom - Elder Garritson is not pictured in either of these pictures). I'm his step-dad, which is interesting (Note from Elder Travis' mom - someone needs to give me a dictionary on speaking Elder! I don't know what being his "step-dad" means!). I'm 8 months out, and for the first time a senior feels weird haha cuz I feel like I'm only out 2 months. He was trained by Elder Major's trainer who just went home. I sure do love my comp. He's awesome! A hard worker too!

Time sure does fly by. But we are sure having fun out here and we love serving the Lord. I make sure to take every advantage I can to do His work.

I'll be sending home a big tiki next time I transfer haha, that is if I fly. The Tongans carved me one, which is awesome haha. It's pretty sweet! But ya, I'll have to send Patch possibly, he takes up a lot of space. we'll see haha.

I forgot to mention the temple rededication will happen by President...MONSON!! I'm so excited cuz he'll probably speak to us, and if I'm in Presidents ward still (which I'm sure I will be) I might even meet him!! Which would be amazing. I'm sure I'm in President Dalton's ward for a reason though.

EDIT: I added parts of a letter to this email and clarify some things that Elder Travis had written.

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  1. So relieved that all is well and that you're loving this new area and new companion! Work hard and return with honor (or else, lol!). I love you.