Saturday, September 11, 2010

Signs Of Oahu

Elder Travis' dad received this picture in his email from someone that we don't know at all. We assume it's someone Travis knows on his mission and gave his dad's email address to. It was nice to see him looking so good!
Travis sent us a picture of this blue stop sign...
and two more funny Burger King signs.

Burger King in other cities or states may have similar signs but not in our little town. I find them incredibly funny so he keeps taking more pictures of them for me!


  1. If you make it to Maui - there is a friend named Jimmy Karren who is a baptized member but hasn't gone for over a decade. Reactivate him!!! :)

  2. Travis looks SO GOOD! And he looks so happy there, too. I'm with you on the signs Cindy. They're hilarious!

  3. Sweet, comments on your blog that aren't from me! Love you Trav!

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