Monday, September 13, 2010

Because Kindness Matters

Note: This post is being done by Elder Travis' mother.

While out tracting Elder Travis and Elder Garritson knocked on the door of this gentleman above. He thought they were crazy palangi (white people) when they asked if he had any service they could do after he told them he wasn't interested in hearing about our church. After he felt comfortable that they were just nice young men he allowed them to come back and cut bamboo for a couple of hours.
Today we received these pictures in an email (I noticed copies were sent to Elder Garritson too). This just goes to prove that there are kind people in the world of many different faiths. These pictures mean so much to us bz we can see Elder Travis through someone else's eyes. It's reassuring to know how much kindness really does matter.


  1. It's funny that right as I was getting this email Sister Takane called to tell me she brought home Jill's birthday present with her from you. She's such a very nice lady and it was so nice to talk to her and get updated on some things you were doing! I can't believe how kind people have been to us when they come home from meeting you in Hawaii!

  2. It looks good. I know the missionaries love to do service. When Elder Hatch gets home I will show him this site. Elder Medeiros' homecoming was Sunday and it was awesome to see some of the missionaries that just left the field. They are incredible young men.

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    blessings madame samm