Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Week And A Hike!

My oh my we had an awesome week. So a while ago we tracted into a guy who we did service for. We cut down bamboo trees!! Well anyway, he invited us to a dinner and we accepted!! Well we went over and he asked us if we wanted beer or wine...I was like uhh water? we got water and was like oh my heck we gotta go, everyone is drinking, we probably shouldn't be here! So we ate dinner and my comp was like alright let's get out of here. Right as we were about to leave we were blocked by a dancing Japanese lady, so we had to stick around and wait a while.

The cool part was there was this lady who took the Book of Mormon I had with me, out of my hands. I was going to give her our number so she could call us if she was interested, but she approached us and asked us about the "last days". So we talked about the POS (Plan Of Salvation) and families being together forever, as well as prophets. She soaked it all up. She loved it!! She wanted us to go to her house and teach her so we grabbed her address. We haven't been able to meet with her yet, but it's amazing how the Lord will place in our paths, people who are ready to receive the gospel. It's prayers from members that make these things happen!! It's awesome to see these types of things happen!I sure do love being a missionary!
The hikes we've been doing have been the valleys by Kahala and Kuliouou. When we get up we can look right down on Waimanalo and Kailua so it's really cool!!Love you!!! Bolyoke!! Love you again!! Enjoy Conference!!

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  1. You're looking so good! You look like you've been feeling much better. Love the hula shirts! You're looking more and more like you have the aloha spirit with you.