Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland October Conference 2010

Note: This post is being written by Elder Travis' mother.

Elder Holland has a way with words and public speaking that touches Elder Travis' heart. He's had me print out every talk I could find by him and he uses many of them in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ while on his mission.

As I listened to Elder Holland's talk in conference today I could picture my son's face as he heard the words that were spoken from the pulpit. I was overcome with emotion and my own heart was filled to overflowing. It was almost like I was there, sitting by Travis in the chapel in Hawaii as he feasted on the words and basked in the spirit. If you are, or have ever been, the parent of an LDS missionary Elder Holland's words and the spirit in which they were delivered will speak to your heart. May God bless all the missionaries serving world-wide and keep them in the hollow of his hand.

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  1. Travis, this is a post that I won't be sending to you but will have it here for you when you return home. The spirit spoke strongly to my soul today and I was strengthened and edified by Elder Holland...maybe not so much in the words he spoke (even though they were powerful) but more so in the spirit which was with him as he spoke from the pulpit. My heart knows that it was a powerful talk for you also. I love you.