Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Conference And An Upcoming Baptism

So this week was slower cuz of the 10 hours of conference that we were edified in, which was perfectly ok. I loved this conference. I loved the counsel given to all of us!! My favorite talk was by Elder Holland obviously, that talk was amazing. It was awesome to stand when Elder Nelson had missionaries stand in Priesthood. It was cool to know I was standing with 52,000 other missionaries with a tag on. I loved the great messages :). I'm excited to listen to them again and to study them through again!! President Uchtdorf makes me laugh, he is so hilarious. It was weird when he lost his voice, but he made me laugh so hard....haha he is so funny!

I feel Elder Hollands talk was very timely and very good :) It was exactly what I was thinking about!!

Two more weeks till transfers!! That is crazy. I wouldn't mind being with Elder Garritson for 6 more weeks, he's an awesome Elder. We've had fun as well!!
Anyways, it was a fun week and we had a lot of fun listening to conference. Back to a full week of work. Oh, and President Dalton didn't really say anything about the temple, so I'm not sure if we will be involved in the open house (which President Monson made mention of :).)
We have a baptism Saturday for that 8 year old girl :) So we're really excited for that!!!

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  1. Did I call that or what on Elder Holland's talk?! I'm so glad that he touches your heart so much and that you're so excited about conference and learning from our general authorities. I love you!