Monday, November 28, 2011

"What A Week"


What a week, what a week. First off, you wouldn't believe this, but Hawaii actually gets cold in the winter time. The temp has dropped to about 70 degrees with a 'lil bit of a windy breeze. I'm actually cold right now. We don't turn on the fans and keep the A/C to a minimum. My feet are cold right now, I'm trying to stay warm. How, oh how will I survive a winter in Utah? Pray for me...haha
We had a pretty good week!! Things with Beverly are still good, she really wants to get baptized. It's just the last obstacle we're trying to work through. She'll make it someday though!!
We found a new lady to teach, Pam! She's a nice lady, she approached us in WalMart and told us to come by, so we did!! We taught her part of the Restoration last night and invited her to church. She said she would come. She lives within walking distance of the church and so she is super close. She's a nice elderly lady.

We also met a girl named Brianne. She was at our dinner appointment last night, and so we sat down and had a good lesson with her!! We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and it answered a lot of questions she had. She's been taught a lot from other churches and was confused on a few concepts, we tried to help her understand. She has great potential to be baptized!! Maybe before I leave? We'll see haha. She's a freshmen in High School and is a nice girl!
We have Zone Conference tomorrow. My last one too, I'll be giving my last testimony too, that's going to be kinda weird's time I guess! We are having Christmas Zone Conference, so it will be kinda...unreal. It is hard to believe I have 2 full weeks left. I'll say the same thing next week too..
Thanksgiving was really good too. We had three dinners, my goodness that stuffed me haha. I gained like 5 lbs, but I worked it off with the good 'ol Turkey Bowl!! (Go Aggies!!!!)
Other than that, that was it!! Time has been crazy fast, and I'm working hard till the end. I love you all and thanks for all your support!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

Love and Aloha,


  1. Oh my, only two more email days. Time sure is flying fast here at the end of your mission. Today our high was 33 degrees. I ran errands in capris, short sleeves, and no jacket! Can't say I feel bad for you at 70 degrees, lol! Okay, I know the humidity makes it feel cooler. We'll crank up the heat when you come home and get out your old heavy winter coats to keep you warm. Hmmm...guess I'll have to give you back your fleece Jazz blanket too. Gosh, I love that thing bz it's so warm! I'd rather have you than your Jazz blanket any day so I'll give it back.

  2. wow i can't believe that your mission is comming to an end....but yet i am thankful for all that you have done for my family and are truely a great example to everyone that you come in contact with esp, koa...i know through your great teachings koa is able to go on a mission...we will surely miss you ....don't forget to keep in contact and let us know how things are back at home. have a good one.. take care