Monday, November 21, 2011

"Trunky" Papers


How are you doing?!
This week has been weird. First off, I received my "trunky" papers which tells you your flight information, as well as your schedule for the last few days as a missionary!! I'll fly to O'ahu on the 14th of December, than hit up PCC (Polynesian Culture Center) and the temple and Swap meet. Thursday, I'll see Pearl Harbor, than head off to the airport on my way home. Very weird to even think about.

Three more weeks remain as a missionary, 3 full weeks at least. It's very sad to see time come so close to an end, but I'll say the same thing next week, than the next, than the next. It is very fast! As always.

We had a wonderful dinner at the Marriott with a family touring from California. We went to Dukes, which was a super, super nice place. I was on exchanges with Elder Turina that night, so we feasted on the food that was there. It was delicious!!!
Beverly is doing good. We had her baptism scheduled for this past week, but it fell through because we're trying to help her live a special commandment which includes not living in the same place as your boyfriend, only if you're married. So we are trying to help her, once she does that she is good to go!! She is a wonderful lady and the ward really loves her!!! She definitely wants to get baptized!!
We have Thanksgiving coming up this week as well. We have dinner with three families, and one of those might include Kendall. Not sure if you'll remember him from a couple months ago. But there is a possibility there could be a baptism this week. He wants to, I know that much, we just need to set it up!!!

Other than that, we have so much potential for baptisms in Lihue these last few weeks, we just need to get it moving. I have faith that there will be at least one before I leave.

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to hearing from you, if anything in 3 weeks.

I also want to issue a challenge: that is to seek for a testimony of our living day prophet, Thomas S. Monson. The best way to develop this testimony is to study his teachings ( and to sincerely pray and ask if he has been selected as a special witness of Jesus Christ. The reason I issue this is because if we can have a firm testimony that he is a prophet and God speaks to him, than when Thomas S. Monson has some special council to give us we will be ready to listen and heed to the calls or warnings he gives us!!

I love you all and thanks again for all you do!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Wow, only three more emails. This is definitely feeling weird but so right! I can hardly wait!