Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grateful To Be A Missionary


What a week!!! This was a fun week!! We've been working so hard for a baptism. I hope to have at least one more before the mission is over. It's God's will though and I've been so lucky to see so many already!!!
We had ZLC on O'ahu yesterday. I saw a lot of good friends like Elder Garritson, Elder Coffin, Elder Taylor, Elder Edwards, and others. I had to give my dying testimony in ZLC and that was a very awkward feeling. Getting ready to leave is VERY bittersweet. I've worked hard my last 2 years in the mission, and I have grown to love it here SO much. But I can feel that it's time to go back and get to normal life too. As much as I want to stay and work here, I can tell it's time for me to be back in Utah. I hope that makes sense.By the way family, thanks so much for taking the family pictures. That means a lot to me!! I've done something with them and will show you when I get home.

We are still working with Beverly. She really wants to get baptized, she just needs to do something about her family situation!! She's super solid though and really amazing. We're working on a few others as well, we have potential for baptisms, we just have to get them moving. We're going to work hard for it in November, and hopefully December!!!

Thanksgiving is coming up next week!! I'm excited because I will be able to spend time with families that mean a lot to me!! It will be a fun day!!

Aside from those things, that is really it. Not too much to really report, I'm just working hard to trying my best to see many great things happen.

We also saw Elder Dalit off on his mission to New Zealand. He's going to be such a a great missionary and is going to do so much good for the people there. I'm so excited for him and whoever his companions are going to be are very, very lucky!! He's going to be the BEST missionary because he's humble, and has the spirit!!! I love the kid!!I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to have served here in the mission of Hawaii for the past 24 months. I love this gospel and know with ALL of my heart it is TRUE. Voices have proclaimed to me otherwise and tried to distract and tear me down!! But I know, because God has told me, that the Book of Mormon is true. I will never deny it! I promise the world if they read it sincerely and pray about it, they WILL come closer to Christ in ways they never have before. I love our Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. They will always be my first priority in life, and I will always be grateful for their unconditional love.

Love you all and hope all is well!

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  1. Love the picture by the airplane! I'll be looking at that with new eyes on the day you fly of Kauai for Oahu and then home. Busy days are ahead again in your zone so keep working hard and remember who you are and Who you represent!