Monday, November 7, 2011

"It's Completely Worth Every Minute"


How are ya'll doing??Man, Hawaii is amazing, that's all I'll say!! First off, I can't believe that my 23-month mark is coming on Wednesday. That means I have 1 more month to serve as hard as I can!! It's kinda interesting how some people say, "That's a long time to just go teach people!" But I always tell them, it's completely worth every minute and day. When we see people change their life completely for God, it's worth it. To see that person become happier, and more peaceful, I know I'm doing my job as a missionary.
In my email last week I mentioned Brayden and his baptism. It didn't go through because his mother was in the hospital the whole day. So we tried to reschedule, and so the day of his baptism (Saturday) it STORMED!!! Stormed like I've never seen here on Kaua'i!! Rain like crazy, flash floods, THUNDER as loud as heaven, it was wild. So it was canceled. We'll work with him, and hopefully soon he'll agree. We're praying for him!!
We've begun teaching this wonderful lady named Beverly. Our first lesson with her was on Tuesday and she said that for years she's been searching for a church that offers peace and happiness. She's been baptized many times, but can't seem to find the church she believes Jesus Christ established 2000 years ago. She came to the "Mormon" church with her member boyfriend and she says her search has ended. We've scheduled a baptism for her this month and she is so excited for that day. She's wonderful and is such a nice lady. She's older, but is like a grandma to us!! Her boyfriend's ex-wife was the one that passed away from a bad accident last month where our former Bishop was involved. If I mentioned it, after priesthood session we gave a blessing to our former Bishop because he got in a bad car wreck where a lady was killed. That was his ex-wife. So that's drawn him back to the church which is another cool story to see. They are happy and excited about "Eternal Families" and how they can live together as a family forever.
Aside from those, we are working to have a good month here in November. We're praying for some miracles to happen because I'd love to finish my mission on a strong note. And if we don't have too many than that's ok!! I've been so blessed to see so many people come closer to Christ here in Lihue. I am so grateful for this gospel and I KNOW it is true. I know Joseph Smith saw God our Heavenly Father again, and His son Jesus Christ. He was led by direct communication on how to restore Christ's church YEARS after it was lost. I'm grateful we have the Book of Mormon to provide a solid evidence of this truth. Anyone who reads it sincerely will come to know these same things by themselves.

Love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!!!


  1. Can't believe you're almost at the end of your mission! You have been a fantastic missionary and friend! Keep working hard!

  2. It's on the countdown now! Keep up the good work and I'm sure there will be great satisfaction with this for the rest of your life. Love you! Hope you're hugging your 'coon!