Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Refiner's Fire


Well it's been a very interesting week!! We didn't teach 45 lessons, only 28, but we'll shoot for higher this next week :).The baptism of Hilton was supposed to take place on Saturday. Friday his wife stepped in and said, "If you get baptized, we'll get divorced." She feels it's breaking their Catholic vows of marriage and a violation of them, which obviously, it would do nothing to the vows. It's sad because he really wants to be baptized, but it's hard to go against his wife, and since the church is all about families...it was a difficult situation. He postponed his baptism and we'll try another week and pray for her heart to be softened...until than, he'll keep coming to church and so on.

I mentioned that Chelsea postponed her baptism last week, and now she doesn't want to meet with missionaries anymore. She's really fallen apart and lost site of the greatness of this gospel. We'll have to pray hardcore for her now as well.

The adversary tried awfully hard to get things broken down on us, but with disappointments gives time for revelation and stronger conviction. The shadow proves the sunshine, or it's darkest before the dawn-type of phrase. We know great things are in store for Kaua'i, and Lihu'e. We have a wonderful member in our ward who set up a Family Home Evening with a family of 6 who used to be taught and almost got baptized a few years ago. They are interested in coming back and learning, so we could see a major miracle happen there by the end of tonight. We're excited for that!!

Yesterday was fast Sunday. I took the opportunity to bear my testimony and share the wonderful experience we recently had with Kari!! It was such a wonderful experience to teach her and help her come into the gospel. She's a strong convert and will do much good!!

We have a wonderful family in our ward that Elder Coffin and I have drawn really close to. The Pedro's!! They are just wonderful people and so strong in the gospel. They have become like my family here in Lihu'e ward and it's just been so wonderful to get closer to them. Their son is about ready to get his mission call and will be such a wonderful missionary!! We are very excited for them!! They were less active for a few years, but are now stronger than ever and we love them very much!!

Speaking of companions, transfers came up!! Elder Coffin and I will be staying in Lihu'e ward on Kaua'i for the next six weeks together!! Which I'm very happy about!! We are getting an addition though, we'll be in a tripanionship with Elder Tiakia (See uh Key uh). He's 9 months out and is from New Zealand. We'll have an interesting time together!! I'm just happy to stay on Kaua'i and in Lihu'e. I love this ward too much to leave!

Anyway, I love you all and thanks for your support and love!! Today marks my 20 months when I was set apart. It's been fast, and continues to be faster. Before I know it, December will be here, and it will be a new stage in life. Until than, I'll work my hardest!!

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  1. I hope your feeling better. We're keeping Hilton in our prayers. God will open a way in his own time and in his own way.