Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Better and Better and Better!!!"

Edit By Elder Travis' Mom: I just got his memory card and it was filled with so many gorgeous pictures of Kauai that I decided to post some of them today instead of pictures of people.


My goodness, these weeks just get better, and better and better!!!
Yesterday was the wedding of one of my favorite families, the Keelers!! (Yes, and the Renaud!). They are a wonderful, wonderful family and so full of the spirit and they were radiating yesterday!! It was an exciting day for me!! Especially since August 21 was President Monson's birthday, and the year mark to the Jay's baptism in Kahala.Sister Keeler also brought her friend to church! Her name is Michelle, and she called her up telling her she was ready to go to church with her!! She's a nice lady, and we'll be meeting with her tonight. We're going to invite her to be baptized, so we are very excited to see what can happen!!!
Melissa came to church!!! She brought her daughter as well, and we are so excited for them. We had such an awesome lesson with Melissa on Saturday. She struggles with her belief in Christ as our Savior, but the lesson we had on Saturday, was very powerful!! I think that helped!! Before we left, she asked for a blessing before we left, so we did. Church was very good for her as well :) I am so excited. We're excited to see what can happen this week.

We also found a lot of solid potential!! Two unbaptized keiki's who their parents want them baptized so that will help us!! We are going to start teaching them. September is going to be a very very big month for us. It's going to be awesome!!!
We also had a meeting with Elder Whiting again over the phone, the Area Authority! He is a very inspiring man. He put it pretty bluntly that, "Jesus is coming again, we have to prepare the world for that big event!" It gave me a bigger sense of urgency for the work to work harder!!!
But we are having an awesome week and time in Lihue.

I wrote the mission president, President Dalton, and told him that I really really want to stay in Lihue and finish my mission here. I hope I do, pray for me!! haha.Well, I love you guys and hope all is well!! We're going to have a huge week to set up for September!! I'm really excited to see what can happen!!

Love you guys, and let me know if I can help you!!!!!

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  1. Trav, this memory card is chock full of the beauty of Kauai. I truly hope I can see it in person one day with my own eyes. I'm afraid you're going to be so disappointed to come home to this cold and snowy desert when you're released! Utah has something that Kauai doesn't though, your mom who loves you more and more each and every day.