Monday, August 15, 2011

"I'm Happy With How Things Are Going"


How are you all doing!! I'm doing pretty good!!

Well, let me start off with a cool story. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, in the very back, when about 5 minutes into it, I see someone walk in the back. I realized he was a freaking tall man. I was like, "fetch...he's tall!" Than he sat by us and I thought, "He looks like Shawn Bradley!" I take a closer look, and yup...Shawn Bradley, who is 7'6", who played for the Dallas Mavericks, BYU and is VERY tall, was sitting right next to me and Elder Coffin with his wife. We talked to him for a bit after sacrament, got his picture and his autograph, than he ran off. He is a very very tall man. Taller than Yao Ming. It was wild haha. (Edit by Elder Travis' mom: Travis is 6 foot tall, maybe 6'1", so you can see how much taller Shawn is. Oh, and thanks Chrissy for emailing me these pictures).But anyways, back to the mission stuff!! We had a good week. We saw a few things happen. We have a lot of potential we're finding, just need to get it moving. We found a few unbaptized children who we are trying to work with, a few former investigators who almost got baptized!!!
One of our members are working with the K*** Ohana. They're a family of 6 and we're close to being baptized a few years ago. We're going to meet with them this Thursday, and hopefully that'll be the lesson they need. We'll find out on Thursday if that's what they need.

We taught Melissa G***t again!! That was awesome. She had a complete change since we last met with her, and instead of just reading 3 Nephi 11, she read all of 3 Nephi. She said she just kept reading and didn't realize how far she got into! She's awesome. We will meet with her this week!!! I'm excited to see what can happen!!

Everyone is doing well!! Recent converts are doing well. I'm happy at how things are going!! The Luder's are awesome. One of my favorite families in the ward as well. They are very open about the gospel and willing to share it.

Anyways, good week, we should have a better one this week. We taught 30 lessons, and this week we're trying for our 50. We'll see how it goes!!!

I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe how tall he looks next to you! Keep up the good work and the Lord will help you find the right words to say.