Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another New Record


Well, now we had just an amazing week!!! Let me tell you all about it!! Ok, so first, last week we taught 41 lessons...this week we taught 45. We really wanted 50 but it just didn't happen. We were busy from Monday night to Sunday night with very little time to breathe, but it was nice. We were definitely busy!! That's how it should be!!
Our baptisms went excellent!! Natalia's baptism was really really strong and powerful. It's been a year in the making and she just needed the right time! This was it, and she was baptized with her daughter on Sunday!!

Nolan's baptism was excellent as well!!! He was really really nervous before, but it went smoothly. He's a really tall fella and so he had to be bending when he got baptized or he would've hit his head. He's hilarious though, and I'm glad I was a part of his baptism!!!

Kari was baptized on Sunday after Natalia!! This was another powerful baptism. I'm so amazed that Kari met with us for about 18 days, and she just embraced the gospel. She amazes me, and will make an excellent impact on many of the members of the church and outside of it.

We were supposed to have a baptism for Chelsea as well. However she was really tried by the adversary and she felt like she wasn't ready. So she backed out a few hours before the service. It was sad, but you can't force or rush anybody. I know she'll be baptized soon anyways!!
So with all that, Kaua'i had 9 baptisms this month, and we were 1 shy of a free dinner from President. But he said he'll buy us ice cream which will work! haha.

We had ZLC yesterday on O'ahu!! That was a crazy time. Elder Coffin left his wallet at the Luder's home, and so he had to be interrogated by the security before he could get on the plane. Than we BARELY made our stand by flight. We thought we would have to fly separately (We missed our original flight) but Elder Coffin got the LAST seat on the plane, so we barely made it!! Than we missed our second flight cuz the meeting went late, so we didn't get home till about 6:30 at night. It was a fun day! I said goodbye to a lot of my friends in the mission. Some are going home next week with the transfer, some in September. It was sad, but I'll see them again. I'll see Elder Jaramillo again with him going to USU.

But regardless, it was a big fruitful weekend, and now we have time to find some more and see what we can do in August. I'm really excited, I love being a missionary and love serving. I'm treasuring all the time I have to serve.

Love ya'll and hope to hear from ya soon!!

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  1. No wonder the soles of your shoes wore out! You're doing an amazing job out there and I know that the Lord is pleased with your service. I still can't believe it.....45 lessons! Keep it up!