Monday, May 9, 2011

Seventeen Month Mark


Well, I am 21. I do not feel 21, and do not feel like today is my 17 month mark from when I went into the MTC. Time is faster and faster.
(Edit: Picture above is of Elder Travis and Elder Barraza. Elder Barazza had gone home a month or two ago and was back visiting already!) We had a crazy morning. We have a missionary in our zone who is struggling right now. We were doing a district companionship study, when he all of a sudden blew up in his companions face about everything that he's struggling with and how he hates his companion. Me, my companion, and the District Leader, spent the next 45 minutes of counseling him and trying to help him realize that because he hasn't had a baptism, doesn't mean he's a failure of a missionary. It was a crazy morning...but it worked out. Sometimes as leaders, we have to do that counseling, and therapy-like situations for missionaries, and it's not fun. It's my least favorite part of the mission.

On the other hand, we had a couple of lessons with Jocelyn. She is still solid!! Her baptism is this Saturday and she's getting married right after. It's going to be a busy day haha. But we are super excited. for her!! President Dalton will be coming down to that!!!

We have transfers next week. We will find out this Sunday the results of the transfer. It's really up in the air, I could go, I could stay, I don't know haha. I've been in Kaneohe 3rd ward for 4 months, and Kaneohe zone for 9 months. I would love to go off-island, but we'll see how that goes. I'd love to go to Maui, but I could be destined for O'ahu my whole mission. We'll see :) Sunday will be very interesting.

Other than that, all of our investigator lessons canceled, so it was kind of tough to get those taught, but we should get them back. We have a lesson with the J***'s tonight, and hopefully it won't cancel cuz we want to invite Taylor to be baptized. Jamie and Tiare canceled for the next few weeks cuz of school (they are teachers) and finals going on. But they said their summer is definitely open. Which is understandable.

Well, Mothers Day was yesterday, happy Mothers Day!! (Edit: Picture above taken on Mother's Day and emailed to Elder Travis' family. He and Elder Garrard made the Scotcheroo balls!) It was good to talk to the family again, and hear how everyone is doing. It's weird that that was my last phone call home for the mission. The next time I talk to my family will be at the airport in Salt Lake City in December. It's still 7 months away, but it was awfully fast so far.

I love all of you and thanks for your support!! Let me know if I can do anything for you!!!!

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  1. I was so thrilled to get this picture on Mother's Day! You look so good. I love how you made the Scotcheroos work as balls when you couldn't find the Butterscotch Chips! Shoot, now I'm hungry for "roos!" Love you! :)