Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flying Back To Oahu

EDIT: These pictures are from Oahu since I don't have any pictures from Kauai yet - Elder Travis' mom.

How are all of you doing?!!! I'm doing swell here on the beautiful island of Kaua'i!! I absolutely love it out here!!!
We had such an awesome week!! We have a few set up for baptism this week and the following weeks, so we'll see miracles out here!! The island is nearly the exact same when I left, it's kinda weird haha. But it's awesome. I love it out here. I saw my old ward!!! Bishop Herr, Sister Peterson, the Wilcox, Merv, haha it was crazy!!! I talked to Bishop about the people I worked with in Kalaheo!! The people who were baptized are all still active except L*** and K***, because her husband doesn't want her to go to church anymore. Sad story. But Romina is working for the temple, and same With Jeff S***!!!!
I have been missing Kaneohe. I sure did love it out there. The members were just beyond terrific. I had a good companion, and I loved it there. At first I wanted to leave when I returned to Kaneohe, but now I miss it like crazy. It is such a blessed place to serve there.Aside from that, we flew to O'ahu yesterday to see Kevin Pearson of the Seventy speak. He laid it out flat on us. He told us straight up what is expected of us. it was kinda freaky haha. But he gave a very good training and really taught me lot. We had a separate meeting as Zone Leaders and it was very...intimidating being in that room. He taught a lot on our own personal conversion and working as hard as we possibly can. It was a very good training. From there, we flew back to Kaua'i and taught a referral!! A RC (someone who progressed like Jocelyn) had her sister invited to a lesson, and she's now committed for baptism next month. That was exciting to see, and was very awesome to hear. I'm looking forward to seeing her progression. She seems very prepared and anxious to learn!!!
But all in all, that was it. It's been weird having to say goodbye to so many "family" members and now flying to Kaua'i to re-adjust to this island. It's gorgeous though and I already love it here. We'll see miracles out here and see what can happen!!

Thanks for all you do and hope to hear from you soon!!! Love you all!!!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that the flight time was about 30 minutes. I'm so happy that the adjustment was easy for you to make and that you've seen so many of the people you love already on Kauai! Keep the faith and remember to return with honor!! It's crazy that they flew all the missionaries out to Oahu for this meeting but it sounds like it was very motivational and well worth the time and expense of attending. :)