Monday, May 16, 2011

Changing Islands

EDIT: Elder Travis pictured above doing service cleaning up the beach holding a crab.

As you all know...this was transfer week!!! I am ...outstanded (Elder Trav's mom - I laugh at this word that's not really a word!) as to what is happening with transfers. I can't believe it!!! Let me explain: I started my mission on Kaua'i, than served in Kaneohe, than in Honolulu, returned to Kaneohe, now I am returning to Kaua'i. I will be serving in the Lihue ward. So i will be out there in the beloved Garden Isle...again, in a more furter north part. It's the eastern part of the island by my old area. So it will be good to be there again!! I love that island. My new companions name is Elder Watson. He goes home in three months with Elder Garrard and I'm pretty sure he's from Utah, if not Washington. I actually replaced Elder Watson in Kailua with Elder Standiford. So he'll know him and that area!!!We had Jocelyn's baptism this week. It was so awesome. President Dalton came and spoke at it. It was so cool to see him come to that. He gave such an excellent talk on missionary work and Jocelyn. It was a very satisfying experience. She told us she wants to get sealed in the Salt Lake temple in a year, and so of course, I promised her I would be there when that day comes in 2012.Remember Taylor J***? I got a wonderful birthday present with that family. We had dinner with President Kaluhiokalani, the stake president, and we invited them to come along since they live across the street. They did!! We watched two wonderful "Mormon Messages" on the Atonement (Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light, and Lifting Burdens). It was so awesome. The spirit was so strong!! We than invited Taylor to be baptized and she accepted. She will probably get baptized next week!! I'm excited for her, sad I won't be there, but excited for her as well.Also, we went over to a wonderful family, the K***'s. She is a member, and the people she lives with (T***) are not members. They are wonderful and very catholic. But are so very friendly and willing to let us come and talk with them. Such...good, nice, Christ-like people. We had dinner, and showed the same "Mormon Messages." The spirit was amazingly strong. We talked about what Christ can do for us, and His atonement. Afterwards, the husband gave the closing prayer, and the family was all in tears. It was amazing because I know without a doubt that he knows, the Book of Mormon is true. He went to BYU-Hawaii and has read the BOM many times. I think he's just scared of change and doesn't know what to expect. But, I saw his spirit change when we left the home. He had that look in his eye that maybe, just maybe, this was the right thing to do. It was a very VERY large first step, but very important. I will keep a close eye on their progress!!Next week as well, on the 23rd, Elder Kevin Pearson of the Seventy is doing a mission tour. Since I'm now on Kaua'i, on Monday, they will fly us to Kaneohe stake center (weird?) and we'll hear the words from him that day!! So as far as email goes, I'll email next Tuesday. Just a heads up (same as the first Monday in June). But, I am excited to hear what he has to say!
Also, we had a meeting with Elder Whiting, the Area Seventy (pictured above on the right). He is a terrific man. He gave such a good accounting to the stake, and really spoke to our hearts. He talked a lot about following the spirit in all that we do. He is awesome.
I will miss Elder Garrard. He has been such a good companion for me and he's been terrific. He promised me he'll come to my homecoming and visit me. He's a very good friend and was an excellent companion.

Well, that was our week. Busy week, but an awesome one!! I'll be emailing from Kaua'i next week, and probably for a good couple of months!!

I love you all and can't wait to hear from ya!!!



  1. I'm so happy that you get to go back to Kauai bz I know you love it there so much! This picture of you holding the crab is one of my favorites on the memory card you just sent home! Fly safely and return with honor!

  2. P.S. I'm going to miss your landlords! They really spoiled me with the surprise pictures they'd email of you at conference, their son's birthday, Mother's Day, and then of you blowing out the candles on the birthday cake they made you! It meant so much to me when Dawn took the time to do that.