Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year Begins In Oahu

EDIT: In the pictures below of Elder Travis the cute young lady by his side at the airport is his sister Kellianne.

Well the 13 month mark has come, 11 to go. It is so crazy how fast time actually goes in the mission, 11 months doesn't sound like anything, cuz I know it's all downhill from here. My friends begin coming home in April. Crazy.It is so good to be back in Hawaii. I am in the Kaimuki ward (Next to Kahala) which is in the Honolulu Zone. I am with Elder Nathan Solomon who came out with Elder Garritson, so he is about 6 weeks out. He is from Mesa, Arizona.

We had an awesome experience the day I got back!! It was the last day for one of the missionaries (I replaced him) and he was going home early for school. President Dalton called us up and gave us permission to go to Laie and see the temple (and do a session if we had time) since it was his last day!! We were stoked but saw we had no time. Our only appointment in the morning canceled and so we were like..."Um...let's go!" So we did!! It took an hour and a half about to drive up. We called up Elder Garritson and he came and saw us at the temple. It was good to see that little girl again, haha. I told him about the Garritson's wonderful gift that they gave to us! But I took lots of pictures!! (Elder G looks like he's gained weight in Laie!)But ya, everyone says I look way skinny now haha. They say I look very different than I did two weeks ago. Which is funny, cuz I'm at 153 right now, which is almost my MTC weight when I left the MTC.

We joined Kahala for a dinner at the Jay's and it was great to see them again!! They fed us WELL, and I felt like I gained 5 lbs from that alone!!
Another awesome thing, Elder Robert D. Hales of the Twelve was in Hawaii!! He fell ill here and so he called up to two Assistants to give him a blessing!! Wouldn't that be crazy to be a missionary and give an apostle a blessing?? Man, that'd be crazy. He is on the mend so no worries, but he just needed some hospital time.We also did a hike this morning, which was amazing!! It was beautiful with two big waterfalls. A little dangerous, but it was fun too.
New Years was amazing too, we had a lot of fun!! We went to the institute and played games there. Afterwards we went to Sister Freeman’s and had a party with the zone! She lives in a high rise, so we saw a good view of Honolulu and the fireworks. It was crazy. They just put a ban on fireworks which made them completely illegal beginning January 2. So this was the last year for them to go crazy, and they went crazy. I took a video of it, so enjoy!!


  1. You dropped a lot of water weight while you were home just like Sister Takane said you would. Plus, it didn't help that your mother is a lousy cook and she hates to cook at that. Surgery too will do that to you when you can't eat, lol! I hope you're feeling better. I know the Jay's and the ward members will fatten you up again, lol! Love you!

  2. Oh, also another thought. Since you're nodes aren't swollen any more since the surgery it makes your face look much thinner. I'm sure the members will "fatten you up" soon enough, lol!

  3. Sounds like you are back into the swing of things! It's great to hear! Keep up the great work--Elder G. will need to go on a STRICT diet! haha!