Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Signs From The Mission

Elder Travis sent home his memory card and once again it's full of fun signs and things from the mission! As you enter the valley this sign is on the back of an old drive-in movie theater and it was a welcome site to Travis when he came home on his "intermission" to have his surgery.
I was with him when he took this picture. He said, "only in Utah would you see this sign," and you know what? He's probably right!
This was one of Elder Travis' dreams for his mission...seeing the Laie Temple. He was fortunate to do so the day after he arrived back in Oahu after his surgery.
Sometimes on hikes he sees signs like this. It's so sad and it makes you stop and wonder what happened to them. We're so lucky to know that there is a life after this mortal existence is over.
I'm not sure about this sign but I'm posting it bz he took the picture.
I love this license plate and the fact that the holder is from the "Munky Wurks" garage! Sounds like a fun place.
Self-explanatory again. I think I need one of these on my yard for the neighbors dogs (and cats).
The things people think of to put on license plates, lol!
Last but not least a street named for our famous Utah capitol city! I can hardly wait to see what signs are on the next memory card!

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  1. We need to have more fun with out signs in Utah! Hawaii signs have such character to them and they always entertain me.