Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Teaching The Gospel And Loving It


Man oh man, we had a terrific week!! I am in the Kaneohe 3rd, and Kaneohe 6th YSA ward. It is awesome!! I love the people here so much, and we have a lot of work to do!! I feel like I'm back in Kaua'i with all we have to do now haha.We have two baptisms next week!! An 8 year old girl, L****, and than R***.R*** went through the open house and was interested in the idea of baptisms for the dead, so he came to church. His friend recently passed away, so he wants to do his baptism for him in the temple. He is awesome!! We actually had a lesson with him this morning (taught him about three times). We shared the first vision with him and he loved it. The spirit was so strong and he told us he knew it was true with all of his heart. His eyes filled with tears as he talked about how he felt the Holy Ghost and a hand on his shoulder as he heard of Joseph Smith's experience. I get terrified when I, personally, have to share the first vision..because it's such a sacred experience I want to make it sound perfect. But through lots of prayer throughout the lesson, I was able to help him feel the spirit, and the conversion of it. It was a blessed moment.
We also have two more baptisms coming up in February with a lady named D***, and a guy named T***. D*** recently gave birth and started coming to church with her friend. She was interested, took the lessons and is now ready to be baptized!! T***'s wife gave birth and he's ready for it as well.

Needless to say, we are seeing so many miracles happen out here. I love being able to see the change others are ready to make!!

The Zone Leader responsibilities are heavy and we have to be a set example. So I try to be that example the Lord expects of me, and I hope I can fulfill that promise. But we are working hard, and seeing so many great things happen!


  1. I can't believe you told me that this was a "dangerous hike!" I tried to show the pictures that showed how steep it was. I love the picture in the Laie Temple Visitor's Center by the Christus. The Christmas trees are great there too. God certainly is smiling down on you and taking good care of you. :)

  2. Sounds like Travis is busy, too! That is so great! I'm glad things are going well for him! It's amazing how resilient these elders are when they are trying their best to do the work of the Lord! Keep up the great work Elder!!