Monday, March 29, 2010

Transfer to Oahu

Elder Travis was just transferred to Oahu. We didn't know where he was from the time he boarded the plane on Wednesday until Monday when we finally got a letter. Here's an update in his own words.
"Oahu actually isn't Big Island, they call Big Island Hawaii, it's the biggest one and the most east. It's the one with the two big volcanoes on it. One active. Oahu is just east of Kauai, not too far away.Well the work here in Kailua is a little slower. Less people to teach. It's a little more tough, but it's starting to go. We found a lot of potential so far, and the Tongans, we rely heavily on members for Tongans to teach.
My first night here my comp was telling me about Blue centipedes and how if you get stung by one of those you have to go to the ER cuz the venom is so strong...haha.Guess what...first night there we were having dinner...and in walked a blue centipede!! It was a monster, haha but we finally killed it. We sprayed the place down pretty good. It was his first time actually seeing one haha."
Note from Elder Travis' mom: I measured my Book of Mormon and this blue centipede must have been 6" to 7" long! ICK!


  1. Those blue centipedes are too gross for words! I hope one doesn't find you, ick!

  2. We got the pictures today of the blue centipede. Please don't bring one of these home with you, lol! They're really gross!