Monday, March 8, 2010

Missionary Moments and Miracles

We taught a lady named Cathy ***. At first I was very intimidated by her because she KNOWS the Bible back and front and needed a lot of biblical scriptures to back up everything we taught her. But she's a very sweet lady. When we first met her she was intrigued about the Book of Mormon and another testament, which went along with the Bible. She never really knew much about the LDS church so she invited us back to teach her. The first lesson went ok, which I thought meant we weren't going to get very far with her. But than on Thursday we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she just loved it!! She loved the idea of premortal existence, and kept saying "I never thought of pre-existence of Humans!, that's so cool!" and we shared a lot of Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures. Usually teaching about Adam and Eve is the worst because a lot of people think it was a "big mistake" in Gods plan,and He didn't know it was coming. Anyways, everything we taught her she said, "ya I believe that" so it was perfect!! We than committed her to baptism and when we did it we mentioned being baptized by authority. She was like "oh I don't think I've done that yet, yes I'll do that!" So she is extremely solid and I've grown to love her sweet spirit she has! (Don't worry ma, she's 50!) But she called us Saturday to reschedule the appointment we set up with her because she had something come up, and she basically testified about Joseph Smith being a prophet to me.

She bought a book from Borders about how the church was first established, and she kept saying "I can't believe they went through so much persecution!! Why?? That's so sad!!" So this Tuesday (tomorrow) I'm sharing the story of Enoch Bartlett Tripp and Elder Major is going to talk about his ancestors. This was a real testimony to me how perfectly hand in hand the Book of Mormon actually goes with the Bible. She kept saying about the scripture in Peter how she wondered how there had to be more about preaching the gospel to the spirits who were dead, and couldn't ever find an answer. So we talked about the scripture in Alma 34 and it worked perfect.We've also had some members from NY join us (they have a time share in Poi Pu) and they have been perfect fellowshippers for her! I've grown a testimony of how important having members at lessons are too. They've helped her understand things I probably couldn't have made her understand due to my lack of inexperience. Needless to say, this is nothing short of a miracle.

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  1. Oh how I love to hear the stories of what you're learning and teaching on your mission! I learn and grow as you learn and grow and I think that for me this is truly a miracle.