Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mama Cane

NOTE: This is a story Travis sent in an email.

"Another intereseting thing which EVERYONE will want to know about :) Thursday night we came into the pad for dinner. I started boiling water for Mac and Cheese...when Elder Major starts running away and saying HUGE SPIDER! I've seen a few spiders here that were big but not scary so I wasn't too scared...Elder Major is a pyro and grabbed his lighter and spray and went to torch it. So, I looked at where he was pointing and there was this HUGE FREAKIN MONGOOSE of a spider that was chilling by the fridge. He missed it when he went to torch it so we had to pull the fridge out and fish it out. Now when I say HUGE, I mean...HUUUUUGE!! It was SICK! haha. So anyways, she was living literally UNDER our fridge and we fished her out, SHE came out from under and ran after me so I screamed like a little girl. We cornered her and torched her. She was a monster to torch though, she kept moving after she was torched for a long time. So we finally got her dead, I took a few videos of it. Man it was HUGE. We later came to find was a "Mama Cane" spider as the locals call it, but in mainland terms it is a WOLF SPIDER. It was disgusting!!!! I got plenty of pics. If you wanna know how big she was, put your hand stretched out,...ya about that big. Maybe the size of dad's.


  1. Oh my gosh Trav! Dad and I both laughed out loud as we read this in the email! The funny thing is I can really picture you screaming like a sissy girl when you saw it! I think I would have too!

  2. We just got the pictures today. Ewww! It is big and gross! Please don't bring any home in your suitcase :)

  3. I have the creepy crawlies just sitting her thinking about it. I don't think I'd sleep at night...eeewwwwwwwwwwwww