Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mail Lady

We had to go to the mission office to grab some things in Honolulu, and I met the lady who does the mail and she's like are you Elder T. ***? I was like yup that's me...and she's like ohhhh so you're the one who gets all the mail!! haha it made me proud so keep it up :) :)

I love the Tongans out here so so much!! They are the most giving people I've ever met! If we stop by they feed us on the spot, and A LOT!! It's good too haha mostly chicken and veggies. They have a choir, and man do they love to sing!!!! They sound good though!! We sing Tongan hymns in the hymn book it's pretty cool!!! I've learned a little bit, I know Hello how are you, good, and yes!! Molulele, Fafaeoki, Ci Pae, Eo!! (spelling might be wrong haha) but it's fun so far in that sense!!

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  1. So very cool. You've learned bits of Pigin, Marshalese, and now Tongan! You're multilingual now, lol! I hope this comment doesn't make people think you get too much mail and they quit writing!