Friday, April 23, 2010

Dorie (Think Finding Nemo)

Disclaimer: This is Elder Travis' mom. I changed the name of the lady in the following story Elder Travis sent to Dorie after Dorie the blue fish in "Finding Nemo" with the short-term memory loss. The rest of the story is told in his own words as transcribed below.

So here's a funny story: A lady, we'll call her Dorie, who is a member, has short-term memory.
We visited her and she's like, "you're not going to convert me to the Mormonism!" and her caretaker was like, "no Dorie you're already a Mormon." She was like, "oh...ok, I'll live with that." It was hilarious!
Anyway, this week was better. We finally found a new investigator!! His name is Jim and he's super solid! We have potential this week too.
Tuesday I had to go on an "emergency" split with my DL to a girl who was thinkin' of backin' out on her baptism. We had a way spiritual lesson and she was baptized yesterday.
We hopefully have a miracle baptism happening Saturday.
Here's an interesting fact. In Hawaii, you know when you fill up on gas there's that lever to keep it pumping so you don't have to hold it? Pretty sure it's illegal here, no gas pumps anywhere have it.
I love ya'll & I'm grateful for all your support!! It means the world! Five months is quick isn't it? I love you all dearly and can't wait to hear from ya!

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  1. Oh Trav, no one tells a story the way you do! I'll never look at Dorie the same way again, lol! As for the five months going fast comment. On THIS side of the mission it tends to go much, much slower!