Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elder Garritson

Well, transfers was this week. The news came in Sunday night, and we found out the tragic news...Elder Garritson will be transferring from Hawaii Kai to Laie.
Elder G (Gar-Bear) was definately one of my favorite elders. My favorite companion definitely. We met at President Peterson's farewell, and I remember him giving his "greenie" testimony and I thought, "I want him as my companion!!" Well, three weeks later, we paired up in Kahala.
We had a lot of great memories. We baptized the best people August 21, 2010. We saw so many miracles and so many great things happen. We fought over USU and BYU all the time, and which was better.
Elder Garritson has a tremendous outlook on the work though. He is a remarkable Elder and I was so very honored to be his companion for three months, and be around him another six weeks in the same pad. He taught me a lot, and I hope I taught him a lot as well. He will definitely be a leader in the Hawaii Honolulu mission. He is a district leader now after only three transfers, and will be a zone leader, and then an assistant to the president soon.
I just wanted to do a blog on how much I love this kid even though he's a "little girl" and how much he taught me. We made a life long friendship and even though he's a cougar...I still love him!! If anyone wants to hear a pure strong testimony on the truthfulness of this gospel, he is the one to talk to. When I was first with him, I was 7 and a half months into my mission. I realized in the first few hours I was with him teaching, that I did not bear my testimony enough. He taught me to focus on how you know it's true, not just what you know. I wish him well in Laie, but will truly miss him in Kahala, and having even more memories in the beloved Honolulu zone.

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  1. I could certainly tell by the letters you sent home that you thought he was amazing...your brother from another mother (and father)! It was wonderful for me to meet his parents and brother. Hopefully during another time in your mission you'll be in the same area so you can at least see each other, if not after the mission for sure, lol!