Monday, December 6, 2010


This may be old news to some but if you aren't on Facebook this will be new. Elder Travis is home for a couple of weeks to have surgery and recuperate (tonsillectomy). He had his surgery this morning without any complications. He's calling this an "intermission" in his mission. The first picture was taken at Temple Square on Friday and the last picture is of him after his surgery.

He's still a full-time missionary and is abiding by mission rules while he's home. He misses everyone in Hawaii and is anxious to get back "home" to the mission field. Thank you for your prayers for a speedy recovery and for your support.


  1. So glad everything went well! Elder G. is doing well in his new area-very up and excited! Take care, get back to Hawaii soon! You are missed there!

  2. As wonderful as it's been having you home I hope you heal quickly and properly so you can go back "home" to the mission field. It's been so wonderful to hear of your experiences and the people who's lives have been forever changed bz of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love you.