Sunday, November 1, 2009

La Parents

So my last post I went through my brothers and sisters and didn't do anything on my Ma and here goes!!

I'll begin with my Ma! She hates it when I call her Ma, but I've been calling her that ever since I fell in love with Everybody Loves Raymond, it. haha but She's a pretty darn good Ma. She helps me out when I'm sick, buys me food, makes me food, is helping pay for the mission..she's a kind lady. I can tell how the gospel has affected her life and I love seeing how God works into her everyday. We go to the temple a few times together, and it's been fun. We attended a session at the Bountiful Temple just a week ago, and it was a special experience. Now my ma doesn't like having pictures of her on the internet so forgive the picture on this one, but it's her fault haha.
So this picture is of me and my dad when I went through the Logan temple for the first time. My dad is my literal hero and he has set such an example for me to live by. He's shown me forgiveness, mercy, and love. We talk sports, watch sports, and take an interest in each others life constantly. He's too old to play sports ;) haha or um...beat me at sports, let's go with that. But we sure bonded. The man works his fingers to the bone and still finds time to spend with us kids, and it's pretty amazing. Just shows me that no matter what happens in life, we will always be together forever and he'll be there for me no matter what.
So this is my ma and pa, sorry it's not really longer, but my parents know I deeply love them with all my heart. I know I have their full support as I go to serve the Lord.


  1. Trav: Thanks for not posting a picture of me, we don't want to scare the little ones and give them nightmares, lol! You're too sweet. I'll have to make sure your dad sees this! He is a special hard-working man, but then again so are you! Love you. Me

  2. love the blog! What a graet way to keep everyone updated and to share your story!

  3. Travis, I am your moms blog friend and she directed me to your blog. Congratulations on your mission call! I can tell you will be a great missionary just like your Mom is. But, I'm disappointed that there was no pic of her! Darn.