Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Families Can Be Together Forever

So my post before I emphasized how much friends have meant to me, this one I really want to talk about my family. In the days of the restoration, Elder Pratt stated that through the Gospel we can learn how to "purely love" our family. I know that's true. Since I've become active in the church I've noticed how deeply and "purely" I love my family. Since my family consists of 6 members (including myself) I kinda wanna talk a little about each one. (I consider Brandon and Jill family too :) ). So I begin with my youngest sister, Kellianne!!
This girl is the weirdest, randomest, craziest girl I know. But she sure keeps me happy!! Ever since she was born we've always shared this unbreakable bond. We do everything together and always hang out together. She'd always come with me to hang out with my buds, we did paper routes together, sold pizza together, now we work at Subway together. Her..unusual interests are what keeps her who she is. I love her with all my heart!! She's always been there for me, and I hope I can do the same :)
Next is my older sister Brianna!!
Brianna didn't always like me as a child, well...because everyone loved me (she admits it). She and I never really got along until I started doing things for her and she saw how useful that is. We really bonded when her missionary left on his mission to Mexico and I listened to her be sad, and I took her to buy some Reeses at Maceys. I'm happy she found the love of her life, cuz I sure love that kid too. Anyways to continue about Brianna...she set a real example for me through her tithing and being a constant church attending member. I looked up to her in that respect and have tried to apply that in my own life. She was the first one I told when I had 100% decided to serve a mission.
So now to move onto my sister in law..Jill. We haven't fully bonded yet, she's too shy these days. But we make fun of each other a lot and I like to hate her raccoon fur coat...(that's just not cool haha). When my brother lived at home me and Jill had more time to talk and we always went to Maceys to buy food..or to Maverick. Good times...but she's too good and married and living too far away for that now haha.

So now we move to the man she brother Nicholas (or Nick.) Nicholas is a big time gamer, and that's how we have always hung out, haha. We don't have the happiest of stories though..Nicholas and I just did not get along. I would do things to annoy him purposely, and he would do things to make me mad. It was an interesting household with us two haha, but regardless of the situation we were still brothers. After we both turned to the church and really got involved, we really started getting along. We're best of friends now, and we hang out a lot. He's my temple buddy to, we always, or for the most part, go to the temple together and discuss what we learn after every session. My brother is a kind compassionate man now, married, but still kind. He's a busy guy with work and dealing with the mrs...but we still find time to hang out together. (In fact in an hour we are partying for the Jazz season opener!!!). I love my brother, he set the bar for me and I hope I can live up to it. (Or surpass it cuz I'm still better at basketball/football/insert sport here).
So that leaves one last member of the family. Brandon is my brother in law...and I love this kid. He served a mission in Wisconsin (spanish speaking) and from the time he arrived here in the family we instantly clicked. This picture of us two was taken in the summer of 05, but it reminds me of how we bonded and became best buds. After he returned from his mission he came to Utah and stayed the summer. During this summer we always hung out. Watched movies, played Halo, listened to music, played name it!! It was one of the best summers I've had! Brandon is the best guy my sister could have married, because of the great example he is to me, and the inspiration he has given me to serve my mission! He may be a Raiders/Eagles fan..but we sure get along!
This is my family, and of each individual I love with all of my heart, and they hold a sweet spot in my heart as we are seperated for two years. I hope that through this love I can teach other families how special and important each member of the family is. Families can be together forever, and the gospel is centered around Christ, and families. (Don't worry ma, your turn is next with pops!!)


  1. Travie: This brought tears to my eyes....and you know that's hard to do. To read what you wrote about Nicholas and knowing of your struggles to both find peace with each other, well, it makes me feel like maybe we've done okay as parents after all. I love all of you the very same, but you're certainly "my favorite" 19-year-old in the whole world! You definitely are loved beyojnd measure. XOXO, Mom

  2. Oops, make that "beyond" not "beyojnd!" My work computer would have automatically fixed that, LOL!

  3. I love you Travie. :-D You are going to be such an awesome Missionary!! I love you for lots of reasons too... but one of the many is because you are so loving!

  4. We are all going to miss you brother, thank you for the kind words, i think you have been just as good of an example to us as well!