Thursday, July 7, 2011

Greenie Day Baptism


We had an awesome week. First off, my new companion is Elder Coffin from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He's a cool kid, reminds me of Elder Infanger a little bit.

We worked hard this week and we were able to see miracles happen. We have been trying hard to find someone who is ready to be baptized in July. We went to visit a family who has an unbaptized keiki (child) and the mom told us she wants us to teach her son and he really needs to be baptized. That was awesome and was a huge miracle. I just hope it all follows through now!!

Hilton, from my greenie days in Kalaheo, is still set to get baptized on the 23rd. He asked me to baptize him, and I was very honored and humbled to be asked. I still remember how we found him!! Missionaries before me tracted into him, and than Elder Major and I went to visit him and he was just ready to be taught!! Now he's set to get baptized!! I'm excited.

Nolan is doing extremely well!! He's set to get baptized the 30! We'll also be having the baptismal service for Chelsea W*** (Lisa's daughter) as well. So Lihue ward will have two baptisms this month. I'm excited, we are seeing miracles on Kaua'i!!
Aside from that, we have a good week coming up, and we should be able to see miracles!! I'm excited to see what can happen in Lihue ward and what we can do!!

I love you and thanks so much for all you do!!! Hope to hear from ya soon!!


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  1. This baptism is truly a miracle. I remember you writing about him from your greenie days. God definitely had a reason to send you back to Kauai, if even just to see him again. God bless those wonderful sister missionaries who made contact with him again.