Monday, July 11, 2011

The Carrie/Kari Miracle


We had an awesome week this week!! We see how much potential that Lihue ward has to grow!! Right now we still are set for the 4 baptisms coming up!! 2 on July 30, and 2 on August 6. Nolan is doing amazingly well!! We had a lesson at a members home and watched a conference talk from President Monson. I think it hit Nolan just how true this church is, and how much it can bless him and make him happy! It was an amazing lesson!!!
We are looking for more potential!! Joey, who was baptized not too long ago, has a niece that has been coming to church and is interested!! We're going to work with her!! We also should be teaching an 11 year old unbaptized kid here!! I'm looking forward to it!!

We have a referral from our ward mission leader that has solid potential!! We had an amazing experience with that. We were going to contact her, and we only had the street name, but no house number. We were driving up and down trying to find which home was hers! As we drove by one home I saw a lady, and something told me that was her! So I pulled over and thought about if that was her. I saw her start walking by our car towards the dark streets and was beginning to disappear. Something told me, "Get out, and go talk to her!!" So I jumped out of the car and asked her if she knew who Carrie was. (EDIT: He found out later that you spell her name Kari). She responded, "That's me." I told her that God had sent us to see her tonight and there's a reason why we are here right now. She started to cry and said she was going through a really tough time. She said, "It's time I do something about that." We set up a lesson with our Ward mission Leader for Tuesday night, and I'm looking forward to teaching her and working with her!! It was a true miracle!!On the other hand, Joey also helped prepare the sacrament on Sunday!! It was awesome to see him start fulfilling his priesthood responsibilities.

I love love being a missionary. I don't want to stop serving the Lord, and I'm happy that I still have 5 months left to serve. I see miracles all the time, and I'm so honored to serve God everyday. I know He lives and He's aware of His children. I won't stop or slow down, and I'm going to keep going!

I love you all, and hope to hear from you soon!!!!

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  1. This truly was a miracle with Carrie! I'm excited to see how it all turns out. Keep up the good work!