Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Rough Week

Elder Travis' mom here. This is an update on Elder Travis and his current bout with being ill. He's been told that the Sudafed he was taking and the Motrin were exacerbating his heart condition so he's off of those meds now.

Part of Travis' email this week:
The doctor said they didn't like the look of my tonsils, they gave me more meds to try and do something for me...but if they don't work I have to go see 'em. IF I had to get 'em removed, I would have no idea what to do.

I went to the office to pick things up and let them know about the doctor and Sister Robbins heard my name and was like ELDER SMITH?? I HAVE HIS MAIL!! I went in and saw the package with a few letters..haha she knows me so well!! She tells me I'm popular!! Haha makes me happy!!

We couldn't do a whole lot this week cuz of the meds doing weird things to me like knocking me out or making me dizzy. I'm trying to work though so I'm working as hard as it will allow me :)Anyways, I love you so much thanks for all you do. I truly love and appreciate you :)

So..what are the symptoms that tonsils need to be removed?


  1. Trav: Since you never had sore throats when you lived at home and are the only child of our's who hasn't needed their tonsils out I can't help but believe that this is another side effect of the vog. The sinus infections, eye irritations, etc. and now tonsillitis. I pray God will heal your body soon so you can accomplish the things you desire to on your mission. I love you. Mom

  2. I miss you so much today Trav that it literally hurts. I know you're being the missionary that I think you are, but sometimes I just want you to be Travis, hanging out and calling me "ma!" I'll be fine tomorrow. It's a good thing no one reads your comments and you won't see this for 18 more months, lol! Stay strong and return with honor.