Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enduring And Praying For A Resolution

Well I had to go see the doctor again on Tuesday after they gave me antibiotics. On Tuesday, I had these huge headaches, the biggest I've had in my whole life. It just was a pain! So I called up again to see the doctor Wednesday cuz I just did not feel right at all. Well, they brought me in, saw that they gave me a wrong pill (Cipro) and had to...DRAW BLOOD!!! They wanted to make sure they didn't kill me or something. So I go in, I tell the doctor I hate needles and will pass out on him...well the second that needle was in my vein..yup you guessed it. I passed OUT! I woke up with three people around me looking at me. I laid down for about 20 minutes and the doctor said, well the good news is you don't look so pale. Bad news is I need three more vials from you...It was...horrible!!! They had me put my head between my knees and I started shaking really bad haha..it was bad. (The Cipro)...just gave me a HUGE HUGE HUGE headache. It was like poison to me, Dr. Lawler said.

Elder Travis' response to his mother's question about the blue centipede bite: I feel better, good enough to work, but I can still feel the effects. My leg still hurts a little bit. My throat is a little dry and I can tell the tonsils are still swollen. hmm..it's been a rough few weeks haha!


  1. Hang in there! We're praying that Heavenly Father will help you to get better and that you'll endure this trial well. We know you're still working while being ill and we're so proud of you for remembering who you are and who and what you represent.

  2. What is Elder Smiths latest address?