Saturday, February 13, 2010

Transfers and Kauai News

Aloha from...
Kauai! Below is part of a letter we received from Elder Travis that he said to blog.

"This week was full of miracles! We had 20 lessons taught and we've committed a few to baptisms. It's been way awesome and the Lord has truly blessed us. My favorite investigator, ***, has to work with the mission president before he can be baptized because he's on probation. But he's so solid and has such great faith. The members in the ward are awesome. They are all so friendly, always feed me (did Sister Morris call you?), and are very missionary minded.
Transfers did come, I'm transferring to Big Island! No not really. I'm staying on Kauai in Kalaheo with Elder Major. My zone leader tricked me into thinking I was going to Big Island, which at first made me sad and happy, new island, new area, but I'd be leaving this area. Thankfully the lord is keeping me here for at least another six weeks.
Elder Major was just made District Leader too, so more work on his part! Good training for me.

My eyes are fine now! I use a thing called Clear Care which is a strong chemical I can't put into my eye. The case has a thing that neutralizes the chemical and cleans the contact real well and after six hours I'm ok to put my contacts in. Needless to say, the Vog from the volcano doesn't affect me anymore, or my eyes. I no longer have red eyes and burning tears, I have white eyes. I just don't know what to do with my other contact solution, haha. But, yes, that fixed it all!" End of letter from Travis.

Elder Travis has two chickens that hang around his apartment and he's named them Winston...and Churchill!

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  1. Travis, I love the pictures that you send on your memory card and have been putting some of my favorites on your blog. Aloha and bolyoke! Mom