Friday, January 1, 2010

Arrival In Honolulu, Hawaii

Below is the email I (his mom) received on Friday (Elder Travis arrived in Hawaii on Tuesday night).

Aloha *** Ohana,

Elder *** has arrived safely in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission, has done some street contacting in Honolulu, been assigned to his first area and companion and is off and running. He looks fabulous and we are excited to have him in our mission. We will take good care of him over the next 2 years--he will truly become one of our sons.

Attached are a couple of pictures taken shortly after he arrived.
Mahalo nui loa and much aloha,
President & Sister Peterson


  1. When I read the part where they wrote that you looked fabulous I couldn't help but hear Billy Crystal in my head saying, "you look maaaahvelous!" You do look fabulous though!

  2. I am so happy you found me. My son also started his mission in Kauai. It was so awesome. It is a very different island from the others. It is very beautiful, with a country feel to it. There are a lot of mainlanders that have vacation homes on Kauai. You can email me at or you can find me on facebook. I would love to chat. The mission president does love them like his own son. I have talked to him on the phone a couple of times. He knows them all. You are in for a wonderful experience.

  3. Oh my goodness! Look how handsome he looks (AND SO VERY HAPPY, TOO!) I will look forward to following this blog and seeing how Elder Smith is doing!

  4. have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week! I know you will love the prize!